Double Color Nail Ideas

When it comes to the best nail art designs, creativity is your best friend, even if that means a clever way to get minimalist nails. Our awesome list of nail art tutorials are not impossible to do at home. Complete with detailed photos, you are sure to get what you see.

Today, I recommend some manicures for summer.

In the season of this open-legged leg, how can the company of the nails be less. For the summer, the fresh colors will make the whole person more refreshing. Yellow: A while ago [泫雅美甲] The fire is not good, this hot air is estimated to last until summer. A variety of funny and quirky patterns are combined to make a girl burst. The girlish style, which is mainly composed of yellow, is enthusiasm and cute, and the color is white. Green: Fresh and clean green nails should not be too beautiful. In the glare of summer, you need a touch…

Exquisite Miss Sister’s favorite nude color nail art

Nude-colored nails don’t look very exaggerated in color, showing a more natural state, so there is no sudden feeling. Nude-colored nail art, with some exquisite small details, will make the fingertips have extraordinary temperament, not to treat people with color, but with ingenuity. Nude color nails are very versatile, basically not picking people, and they will be very fashionable.

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